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CE certification programs: machinery directive verification counseling and on-site inspection

Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, need for on-site test load performance testing, such as EN1493 vehicle lifts, EN 14492 -2 Chain Hoist, EN 1726-1 Stacker, EN1677-1 / EN13889 Hook&Shackle, EN1494 ANNEX B Manual hydraulic pump, EN809 & EN12162 pumps , EHSR Chapter 4 other lifting equipment.

CE certification programs:  machinery directive verification counseling & risk assessment

Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, the need for on-site implementation of risk assessment and improvement measures in accordance with EN ISO12100 harmonized standard.

Three major steps of risk assessment methods

       MD EHSR  GUIDE --安全整合性原則.jpg


CNC Lathe: protective guard the main entrance will need to install INTERLOCK switch




  E:\驗機資料\三鋒 --CNC 車床 LVD PHOTO\photos\IMG_3145.jpg


Woodworking machine: hand into the drive mechanism to prevent injuries, shield around the machine need to add safety switch



I:\改善報告\木工機類\金酆 木工機\ori\100_9092.JPG I:\驗機資料\木工機類\金酆2\照片\DSCN3379.JPG



           Vertical injection molding machine: the machine around, need to add the guard and safety switch




  I:\驗機資料\射出機 新登\100_7354.JPG

I:\驗機資料\射出機 新登\100_7365.JPG

I:\驗機資料\射出機 新登\100_7352.JPG


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