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"K.J. Certification" company.
ast, for Taiwan vendors to get CE certification .
mainly dedicated to industrial machinery verification counseling, and to assist many manufacturers successfully obtained CE certification. now expanding to verify the ISO quality management system , counseling services . We are committed to research a variety of standards and the certification mark, and look forward to provide you with a full range of product safety certification services. Through access to product safety CE mark and ISO Quality Management System Certification, to make you more competitive.

The company's CE certification and ISO verification service features:

  • professional technical advice

The company's counselor both counseled many companies to gain experience of a variety of product certification, you need to prepare basic Product information, we can provide you at any time for technical discussion and communication.

  • rapid processes

We are familiar with the various processes of the CE certification and ISO verification required to provide information in accordance with the standards and certification.
Can be quickly and correctly for you to evaluate the relevant procedures. And directly run technical communication.

  • dedicated service attitude

We all hold the highest enthusiasm to provide various services , as long as you need, we are ready for you to find a variety of answers.

We will provide a variety of appropriate technical information, procedures and standards requirements, and help you create a more complete data.

Through professional application procedures :

  • save time, Human Resources                                                                                                                                                

By familiar with the application process and professional standards for your service, you can simply provide samples and related technical information to us, we can quickly provide you with full service, saving you search, explore, and ask time .

  • cost savings

The company familiar with the various certification requirements for professional handling capacity and reasonable pricing fees, more favorable mechanical product validation services include free inspection this year concluded a service enjoy next year, including electrical safety insulation, agency security design verification.

ISO Quality Management System Verification counseling services:

We can establish your company ISO 9001 QMS system, and can help companies get the British UKAS certificate.

CE product safety verification counseling services:
We are able to meet the requirements of your products Safety Directive and the relevant standards issued by the European Union.

Perform validation and CE product safety certification, all serviced customers are always our customers, even after you have completed the task , also welcome your calls at any time to ask any question. we will endeavor to answer your question.


Certified counseling experience:

(Roll forming machine), (Inflation Machine), (food and special specification packaging machines)

(bag making machine) , (Laser engraving machine), (tissue paper napkin folding machine), (grain dryer)

(EDM discharge machine), (UV aging test machine), (compressor), (computer pleated Jing Machine)

(Filling stuffing molding machine), (surface winding slitting machine), (CNC vertical lathe),(electroplating factory equipment) , (Extrusion factory equipment), (vertical plastic injection machine),(high-pressure spray wash equipment) , (In-mold labeling systems),(heat treatment furnace equipment), (corrugated printing press)

(Carpet edging machine), (hydrogen production machine), (sets of standard machine),(glass elevator), (automatic vacuum forming machine)

(Scissor lift), (Shackle), (horizontal band saw machine),(wide belt sander) , (Double-sided Planer), (Jointer automatic finger jointing machine),(tire molding machine), (Screw Machine) , (Hydraulic automatic cutting machine),(high-speed servo presses), (two-dimensional, three-dimensional transfer robot)

(CNC milling machine), (CNC lathes), (CNC milling)

(Continuous sputtering machine), (metal band saw machine), (spinning machine / monofilament line), (strapping machine)

(Box cup filling and sealing machine), (extrusion granulator),(automatic noodle making machine),  (friction welding machine)

(Rigid foam incision machine),  (oxygen making machine),  (CNC bending machine)

(Crane equipment),  (high-speed rewinding goods seized machine),  (Automatic Filter )

(Negative pressure type filling machine),  (nut machine),  (vacuum packaging machinery)

 (Solar module test equipment),  (electrode vacuum sputtering machine), (cosmetic filling machine) ,  (PUR reactive hot melt adhesive laminating line),    (resistance plant equipment),  (roll wire drawing machine)

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