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Machinery manufactured for sale or use with the European Union must meet the standardised safety requirements of the EC Machinery Directive, 2006/42/EC. Introduced in 2009 it incorporates harmonised safety requirements for the protection of employees and consumers.

To sell or operate machinery within the EU, products must fulfil the directive’s requirements when they are first placed on the market. This applies equally to new products and second-hand machinery when it is first imported from a non-EU country. At K.J. Cert we have the expertise and experience of product evaluation and certification to smooth the route to market and help you demonstrate compliance.
Under the new directive, machinery is defined as an assembly of linked parts or components of which at least one moves. It includes interchangeable equipment that modifies a machine’s function as well as any safety components. We offer a range of services to achieve and demonstrate your compliance including documentation and testing.

Electrical Safety Requirements
In addition to the Machinery Directive products must also meet the requirements of the Low Voltage Directive, and EMC Directive where appropriate.

Functional Safety Requirements
Machinery safety increasingly depends on the correct functioning of electrical control systems. Starting with IEC 61508 & ISO 13849 for a range of requirements have been created for various application sectors.
For a complete list of the directives, standards and marks applicable to the product and your country of interest please contact K.J. Cert office. We help you identify and then support your compliance with the relevant requirements.
Our market leading testing, verification and certification services mean we offer you a comprehensive ‘one stop shop’ for all your product needs. We operate a global network of testing facilities with a presence both within the EU and in major manufacturing zones around the world. Our experts have in depth experience of the industry, an understanding of local cultures.
Contact K.J. Cert to find out more about how machinery standards apply to your products and speed their route to market.


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